Stop Seeking Approval From Others, Business Owners!

Starting a business is not for those who need permission from others to begin their path.

You decided to become a business owner to bring more flexibility into your life, take charge of your schedule, and improve your financial situation. As you start to make power moves, you question whether you are making the best choices. You may run your business as a  sole proprietor or partner with someone else. You may let your family and friends in on everything you’re up to with your business. You are aware that there is a benefit from the understanding that can be gained from various viewpoints. Still, you may seek something else without even being aware.

You will feel disappointed when the support and views are not what you anticipated. This disappointment may lead to other negative emotions, such as hurt and depression, as well as a lack of drive. The fact that you were looking for validation from other people is the primary cause of the disappointment, in addition to other factors. You were searching for confirmation and authorization to act in the manner that you feel to be appropriate for both yourself and your business. When the validation from the outside does not happen, it morphs into other sentiments and emotions, which you then give the ability to influence you negatively. 

The following explains what business owners need to know about getting validation from others. 

Never rely on others for mental and emotional strength

You are the only person who can completely understand your creativity. Thus it would help if you were your own biggest fan and cheerleader. Suppose you put your mental and emotional well-being in the hands of another person. In that case, you risk experiencing disappointment almost one hundred percent of the time. It would help if you surrounded yourself with supportive and encouraging individuals, but your true power must come from inside. God gives us the ability to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).

You will become a more confident and savvy business owner when you understand and connect your business to God and support the work of the Kingdom. Moreover, You will no longer look for it in other people and, most of the time, in entirely incorrect areas. When you go into a situation with confidence, you allow yourself to grow that confidence as you continue to move beyond your comfort zone. You may become a more successful business owner if you acknowledge your failures, learn from them, and use those failures as a driving force to improve.

You have a purpose for starting your business

You didn’t start your business for others’ approval. You wanted to impact the world while making money, so you launched an industry. You didn’t establish your business to receive validation from others. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to need it as you expand your operations. Your primary reason is what should serve as the engine that drives your progress, motivates you, and be the source of your inspiration. Not the viewpoints of other people who do not know the whole picture.

If you have been looking for approval from other people, it is time to get back in touch with your “why.” Why did you start the business in the first place? It is time for you to realize that receiving support from other people will not result in an increase in revenue or the acquisition of new clients. This may be accomplished by demonstrating to prospective leads the value of what you provide, which is something you are responsible for doing.

Truth be told, only a few people you know will support your business

 We often feel that we should have the support of the people we know, but that is not always the case. Even if you explain to other people precisely what you are doing and the incredible outcomes you are achieving, there may still be a lack of support. It’s a recipe for disaster to look for approval from individuals who can’t help your business succeed or fail. You should listen to the guidance of others but avoid becoming emotionally invested in how they will react. You should have confidence in your choices, and if you make a mistake, learn from it and keep it moving…

This is your business. You are the only one who will be held accountable for the results of your actions and choices. When it seems as if everything is disintegrating around you, it is up to you to persevere and make it through. Every business owner encounters such times. Suppose you are going through difficult times. In that case, you shouldn’t allow the validation of others to determine whether or not you will have good times. Make sure you seek the Kingdom FIRST (Matthew 6:33). Use sound counsel to supplement what you’re already doing rather than direct it.

Put yourself in the company of business owners and other individuals who can provide you with honest advice that is free of judgment and is not influenced by personal preferences. Pay attention to the suggestions, then evaluate them based on how well they align with your objectives. Do not consider it “law” or indicate what you need to do. Validate yourself.

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Published by: Kim Petitt

As a person living with a disability challenge is part of my life. I struggled with my identity and I recognize that I still have insecurities to face, but that doesn't mean I can't walk in everything God has purposed me to walk in despite my insecurities. Because of the nature of my condition and physical disability, God's grace is evident in my life everyday and I find strength in the word of God that says in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me power". (CJB).

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