The Outrage Should Be For George Floyd, Not The Riots

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At this point we all know there is anger across the world and fueling on the streets as the protests for George Floyd’s murder turned into riots. It is justifiable anger; the death of George Floyd is yet another unarmed African American murdered at the hands of a White police officer. “Another” meaning there’s been previous killings. I read a comment on another blog that sparked inspiration this post; it was made by a White Woman and I found her comment very disturbing. In her comment she stated, ”I’m  saddened and shocked by George Floyd’s death but I’m more shock at the response.” Personally, I don’t agree with the rioting and the destruction, but when you are more outraged about the rioting than the murder of African Americans, it exposes what your heart really feels and what you really think. For the record, I’m not lumping all White people into this category, all White people do not think like this. There are many in the Caucasian community and White Police Officers that are just as outraged as we are: Thank you for standing with us!

For those who are more focused on the riots than the murder that took place are saying things like: there is a more mature and reasoned response. I want to know why you aren’t saying things like: why the police officers responsible for this unnecessary use of force still have their badges? Why did it take so long for authorities to arrest the officer who was caught on video pinning George Floyd to the ground with his knee to Floyd’s neck, when Floyd’s hands were obviously behind his back and he was on the ground unarmed and was not a threat? What can authorities and the community do to improve the relationship between both sides and the judicial system, so this type of situation does not continue?

In my humble opinion, this is a problem that won’t be solved through marching and petitions though I totally respect and support people’s right to protest. George Floyd’s family will be leading in what they have publicly stated a “peaceful protest” today in Houston in honor of George Floyd. I live in Houston and if I didn’t have physical limitations and restrictions, I would be right out there protesting with them just to show my support. My heart and prayers will be there in spirit: #justiceforGeorgeFloyd.

Listen…no, the police brutality and unjust killings does not justify the riot that erupted and resulted in destruction and looting. But as the great late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “ a riot is the language of the unheard. To focus on the looting and the damage, you totally miss the point. Was it not for the unjust and unnecessary killing of George Floyd along with the repeated history of police misconduct against people of color, there wouldn’t be any protest. It sad that unarmed Black Americans are more likely to be killed by the police than an armed White person. But the threat doesn’t just stop there, it comes from people like a White woman who called the police on a Black man who was out bird watching who had the audacity to ask her to put her dog on a leash. A Starbucks manger calling the Police to arrest two Black men who were just waiting to meet a business partner. Let’s not forget about Ahmad Abrey who was killed by two patriotic White men, all because he looked “suspicious” and was jogging while Black. There is not an exhaustive list there have been countless of others who were killed due to the color of their skin. Yet, you have people who turn a blind and then there are those who want us to hold hands and sing, “yes Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so, yellow, red, black or white we’re all precious in his sight” because God is love and God of peace. I’m being facetious, but you get my point.

Jesus was about justice that’s why He flipped tables, He whipped the money changers and drove them all out of the temple. Jesus was unapologetic in displaying anger, He was fired up and irate. You’re probably saying but Jesus didn’t cause a riot nor looting. No, He didn’t but once again you are missing the point this narrative in the scriptures is powerful because it shows us how we should exhibit this type of anger and take action when it comes to occurrences of extreme injustice, not pretend that it doesn’t exist and ignore the underlying issues. It should be so exceptional when we display this kind of anger that people take notice. I’m not saying by divisiveness or violence, but I’m tired of having a conversation, we’ve been having peaceful conversation for years trying to get White people to see us equals. I won’t be silent; as my sister Efua stated in her beautifully written blog, “silence” is a response. Although my blog is only a fraction of a platform, I’m using my blog to CALL IT OUT!!!!! I see all these blog post who are carrying on as if none of this matter, I see posts about telling people to be convicted about their sin before they go to hell. To my Christian blogger brothers and sisters, why aren’t you convicted about not speaking out on racism? The Bible speaks about injustices. Your role and my role as a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ are to share a message that we are ALL made in the image of God and there are no differences in terms of our worth and value.

I’m not concerned about anyone’s discomfort—confronting racism and injustice is not about the needs and feelings of White people. When you are confronted with truth that causes you to change it’s not supposed to feel comfortable in fact its designed to do the opposite. People of color have been subsumed by the feelings of White people because not all White people are racist; no one is saying that, those who are bothered by these type of posts are part of the problem, and until we stop cowering; our voices will never be heard. People of color wouldn’t have the freedom and the privileges we have today if it wasn’t for the voices of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and countless of others who refused to remain silent and be ignored, don’t let their labor be in vain.

Published by: Kim Petitt

As a person living with a disability challenge is part of my life. I struggled with my identity and I recognize that I still have insecurities to face, but that doesn't mean I can't walk in everything God has purposed me to walk in despite my insecurities. Because of the nature of my condition and physical disability, God's grace is evident in my life everyday and I find strength in the word of God that says in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me power". (CJB).

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36 thoughts on “The Outrage Should Be For George Floyd, Not The Riots”

  1. I have read many posts about how MLK led a peaceful protest. My questions to them are these. Was he not killed? Have there not been peaceful protests in the past? Do you remember the kneeling down protest? Can you remember how you blogged about how disrespectful that was?

    When the murder happened, I only saw about 2 or 3 posts about it. But when the riots came, everyone is posting about it.

    When a white boy takes a gun to kill in America, people say it’s a mental health issue. If trauma can lead to that, why do people think it can’t lead to riots? People are expressing anger and frustration that have been suppressed for years. I don’t think people understand what it is for black parents to have “the talk” with their kids and the trauma that does to those kids. I don’t live in America but I have enough friends and family there to know how these go.

    Someone on here said he is disappointed that evangelicals are posting about the murder and instantly my heart sank.

    I am praying that this will be the last of the killings of blacks.

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    1. There are no lies told in this response, so true sis! When the shooter is White who kill victims the notion is reached that he is an unstable, isolated person driven to mass murder. But a Black man is apprehended on mere suspicion and never lives to tell the story.

      The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. I remember the uproar when Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the NFL, people called it unpatriotic but those same voices are silent when comes to a Black man being murdered in broad daylight by someone whose duty is to serve and protect.

      The person who made the comment that he is disappointed that White evangelicals are speaking out is because whether White people want to admit it or not, they benefit from it. The scripture says that judgement begins first in the House of God, God is going to bring judgement on White led churches who are turning a blind eye. We are going to begin to see people of color who sit under White leadership that are not speaking out, leave their churches because they are going to realize that those leaders really don’t care about them because they are not addressing their issues.

      I hope this is the last murder we see too but unfortunately I am afraid that we haven’t seen nothing yet. The officer who killed George Floyd knew he was being recorded and he didn’t care nor did it stop him from killing Floyd because that officer and many others feel they can get away with it. After the murder of Trayvon Martin, it ignited a reaction that sent a signal throughout the world that you can murder a Black person and get away it.

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    2. Colin Kaepernik will hopefully one day be recognised like Rosa Parks. It seems to me in the end it is simple, humble protests like Colin Kaepernik’s and Rosa Parks’ which ultimately have the most impact.

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      1. Yes, he was ostracized and ridiculed. I think now people are reflecting on his peaceful protest. The protests unfortunately wont’ change the hearts of people but hopefully it will at least bring a change in laws.

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  2. I think what happened to George Floyd is a travesty. I believe we can and should be outraged BOTH for Mr. Floyd and the violence and crimes committed in his name against individuals and businesses who had absolutely no part in what happened to Mr. Floyd and who are likely also outraged by what happened to him.

    As for the police still having their badges, my understanding is that the police taking part in this have been fired and at least one has been charged with murder and manslaughter. Have you heard something different?

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      1. I haven’t received a duplicate comment from you nor have I deleted your previous comment. We are having a healthy dialogue and I’m fine with that.


    1. What I was shedding light on in this post is being MORE upset about the “effect” and not the CAUSE and for what a lot of White America is upset about is more about the looting which would be the “effect but they don’t understand the cause of the rioting and the looting which is the death of George Floyd. If you want to deal with the effect you first have to deal with the cause, you always have to go back to the root. People are getting all hyped up about the effect rather than addressing the cause. Just like Jesus died not for our sins, He died for our sin nature, sinning would be the cause; the acts of sin would be the effect, our sinful nature would be the cause. The scriptures says that John said Jesus is going to put the ax at the root; the branches are the effect.

      Yes, looting is wrong. But what is the cause of the looting?Well, they’re angry. Well, why are they angry? Well , an unarmed Black man died at the hands of the police, BING! The cause, let’s deal with the cause.

      Yes, the officers who just stood by and watch and did nothing are facing charges, now. But, why did it take so long to reach this decision?

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      1. Thanks for responding. I totally understand the cause and effect part of this. And I know what it’s like to be so angry that it’s difficult to contain it without striking out. Injustice is one of the most difficult things to deal with, because those dishing it out are usually the ones holding all the power. I’ve been the victim of injustice so I can relate to that. What I don’t understand is why it’s okay to commit further injustice against people who are innocent of this crime as a recompense for what happened?

        You mentioned white America. Well, I’m white and I am completely outraged by what happened. I’m in disbelief that somebody could be so wicked as to intentionally do something so heinous to another human being just because of the color of his skin. And I am not in agreement with anyone who thinks what happened is okay or who minimizes it in any way. Nor do I want to be lumped together with those people just because of the color of my skin.

        I also cannot condone committing crimes against people who have done nothing wrong as far as any one knows. Going into a store and stealing things because you’re angry doesn’t make it right. Setting houses on fire that have children inside and then blocking the way for firefighters to rescue them isn’t right. Destroying businesses of people who had nothing to do with Mr. Floyd’s death isn’t right. The cause, as valid and honorable as it is, doesn’t justify the effect.

        You mentioned Jesus in the temple. You’re right, he was angry and he did turn over the tables of the money changers. But he did not act against anyone who wasn’t guilty. His anger was righteous and was properly directed against those who were committing the injustice.

        Look, I think everyone should be angry about this. Those who aren’t have bigger issues. But striking out at people who have done nothing wrong isn’t the answer. And it will only hinder the cry for justice. I’m glad to see the world taking notice and I hope it helps to further the change that needs to happen. And it needs to happen for all of us.

        Thanks for the dialogue. ❤️ God bless.

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      2. Once again, I don’t condone it either. But when people don’t feel “heard” protests can turn into riots and more. Some things are not justification they are simply explanation. You mentioned you know what its like to face injustice. Have you ever dealt with injustice due to the color of your skin? If not, you have no idea what injustices is. As for the example that you used of Jesus in the temple, they were all guilty that’s why He was flipping stuff over and whipping folks out the of the Temple.

        I’m not categorizing all White people in saying that all Whites are racist and/or don’t care about what’s happening. I will say this, whether White people want to admit it or not they have “White privilege” and they benefit from the oppression of Blacks whether they want to or not. Being White you don’t understand the plight of our history; being kidnapped from our homeland, raped, dehumanized, brutalized, lynched for the amusement of White people, we were sold and viewed as property and sub servant to White folks. All of this takes a toll on a people emotionally and mentally. This is not just about George Floyd this is about 400 years of oppression, brutality and murder and my people said enough. When we marched peacefully you didn’t hear us, we took a knee you told us we were disrespectful…well maybe you’ll hear “this.” Is it wrong to riot and cause serious damage and harm, yes. But going back to my previous statement, more focused needs to be on the cause than the effect. If it wasn’t for the murder of George Floyd and countless of others, there would be no protests that resulted in riots so you are missing the point of the real fault lines here.

        Thanks for conversing with me as well, God bless you too!

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      3. Kim, I will admit I don’t have any idea of what it’s like to suffer injustice due to the color of my skin and my heart goes out to those who have suffered in this way. I am aware of the plight of the African American history and have always been vehemently opposed to the suffering that was experienced then, and now. As a Jew and a woman, not only have I also suffered injustice — to include sexual discrimination and sexual assault, among other things — but my ancestors have suffered horribly at the hands of many nations and Jews continue to suffer today to an increasing degree. So I think I do know a little bit about injustice, even if not in exactly the same way.

        I understand that many people in this country haven’t listened and haven’t done enough to squelch the violence and discrimination against Blacks. And I will agree that what’s happening right now has had a worldwide effect and people are now taking notice like never before. And for that I’m grateful. I will also add that ultimately all of us will be accountable to God for the evil we commit. When each of us gives an account of ourselves to Him, our actions will speak for themselves and no one will be able to justify themselves before Him. This is true not only of those who discriminate and commit evils against the innocent, but also those who strike back against other innocent people in response to that discrimination. That in itself is hypocrisy and is not a morally defensable action.

        We are all entitled to our opinion and I respect your view and your feelings about these things. I’m also very grateful that you’re allowing me to share my thoughts as well. You and I both agree that things need to change and they need to change now. This violence and discrimination toward African Americans has gone on long enough and people need to be held to the highest degree of accountability. I pray that our government and citizens will respond to what’s happening by taking this issue seriously and addressing it with the gravity that it deserves.

        Thanks and God bless.


      4. Let me say thank you Dee for the follow. As my new follower let me tell you what I’ve conveyed to my readers. I welcome a healthy dialogue on my blog. I’ve seen other bloggers shut people down, ignore comments or get annoyed when their point of view or theology is challenged. This is a public platform and I say if you don’t want to be challenged then don’t put it out there.

        Now, with that being said thank you for hearing me out as well. I agree with you retaliation is not the answer nor is it right. I have not said that it is I’m simply trying to explain to you the mindset of a people who have been oppressed for centuries; the impact of slavery still affects us today. Now unfortunately, you are going to have people who use situations like this for their own personal gain. The media is also using this situation for their own personal gain, they are sharing more footage on the rioting and looting than they are on the message of change. So now, we are not talking about the reason, we’re talking about why are we witnessing what we are witnessing. The reason is that another Black man died at the hands of a White Police Officer. Everybody’s message should be about the change; there is reason why all of this happening. Again the highlight of this post is to be outraged about the killings, not allow looters and riots hijack the message. Instead of pointing out the cause, how about asking how you can be apart of the change?

        To my fellow White brothers and sisters, thank you for standing with us but you are nowhere near as tired of the racism than we are. Yes, there are other ethic groups that face injustice but absolutely nothing on the scale of what African Americans faced and currently face.

        And the end of the day we all do have to answer to God for what we’ve done, but please know that God is concerned about the racial injustices going on in our country right now . God is going to judge people based on did we give our life to Him and did we live for Him. The things we are seeing in our country and nation will not be able to hold a candle to that. God wants mankind to have a relationship with Him and people will be judged for either being or not being in a relationship with Him. Rioting, the racial injustice and killings are all effects of the root issue which is humanity’s sinful nature. Jesus death on the Cross is the thing that takes care of all of that. So please know that mankind is going to be judge for its sinful nature not his sinful acts.

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      5. I completely agree with you, Kim. The media is focusing most, if not all of its attention away from the cause of all that is happening. But isn’t that like the media? They are sensationalists and care mainly about the hype and what will get them views.

        Yes, God is very concerned about the racism going on this country. And yes, He will judge every person based on whether or not we have accepted His sacrifice for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. And that is really what it boils down to.

        Revelation 20:2 tells us, “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.”

        Again, thanks for your graciousness. And please know that I am praying for justice not only in the case of Mr. Floyd’s death, but also in the overall racial discrimination that has plagued the Black community for far too long.

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  3. I see you’ve deleted my comment. That’s okay. But please know I am as outraged as you are. What happened was inexcusable and these men need to be held accountable for murder. There needs to be change and it needs to happen now. But how do you justify in your mind striking back at people who didn’t commit this crime? You’re right about what Jesus did and it WAS justified because He confined His anger and actions to those that committed the offense. Please help me understand how punishing people who have not committed a crime equals justice and perpetuates change. I’m honestly just trying to understand.


  4. Well said, Kim. You are passionate in your stance. When I saw the video of the murder I realized that it was a setup to instigate this very reaction that we are seeing right now. There is a greater more devious and sinister force behind all of this and that is the reason we have to go into some serious warfare prayer. I am praying that justice will be done. Have a blessed day.


    1. Oh yes…the fight against racism isn’t merely a fight against government, systems or laws; it is a fight in the spiritual realm the scriptures says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. While speaking up and taking action we have to know who the real culprit is here: Satan. As we seek justice and to bridge the gap of division, we must not forget that it is ultimately a spiritual battle.

      The world is fighting the only way they know how but as believers in Christ we must pray against racism. We must pray for justice and peace. As horrific as the current situation is and as chattel slavery I believe that God will bring good out of the evil in our nations history (Psalm 68:31).


      1. Amen! I totally agree with you. I believe that God has called each of us to do a particular part to help. He called some people like Martin Luther King to organize peaceful march and protest, He places some people in the government and judicial system to change laws while He places some peopĺe like Daniel to fast and pray 3 to 7 times a day to warfare in the spiritual realm. Praise the Lord. We all have a part to play.


  5. Oh Kim! I’m so sorry for the heartache your people are facing right now. I see the injustice. I hear you. My prayers are that true justice, healing and reconciliation will come and that the riots and looting will stop because the people have been listened to. YOUR LIVES MATTER!


    1. This is deeply heartbreaking, I think the protesting has raised awareness and now people across the globe can see what we have been feeling for centuries, it’s unfortunate that there is looting and rioting going on. For some people they see this as an opportunity for selfish advantage and for others they just don’t know how to process and appropriate their emotions in an constructive way. My prayers is the same as yours concerning our current situation though I don’t think it will eliminate racism altogether I at least hope that this changes they way the police are policed.

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    1. I read your deep logical post. Now, explain me how my post is silly? I did not state anywhere in my post that the rooting and looting is justiable. I was simply highlighting how people are more outraged at the effect rather than the “root” issue.

      Also, before coming to your subjective conclusions that Derek Chav’s actions was not predicament on race, have you read up on his prior history? This is not his first abuse of power against someone who is Black, he also shot an unarmed Black man in 2008.

      Listen, I agree that rooting and looting is misappropriated anger and for selfish gain and takes it away from the purpose of the protests. However, when there is more outrage for that than for a man who was murdered unjustly right before our eyes there is something very unsettling and unnerving about that.


      1. First and foremost, I apologize. Calling your piece silly was immature and unwarranted.

        “I live in Houston and if I didn’t have physical limitations and restrictions, I would be right out there protesting with them just to show my support.”

        That is your constitutional right. But what exactly are you protesting? These occurrences are proven to be rare. Why are you protesting for people who put themselves in these situations? You are just making the race issue worse, not better. As I stated in my article, these situations are not as black and white as we would like them to be. This is not the 60’s anymore. During and prior to the civil rights movement, Blacks fought hard in order to prove that they should be integrated into society. And then the leaders allowed politicians to hijack the movement, and tell Black people that Whites owe them something. And there on, it seems as if so much changed within the African-American culture. There were no sagging of the pants and perpetuating stereotypes about themselves through mass media. Men were in the homes and religion was still the foundation AND they were actually experiencing hate and justice. In 2020, the opportunity is there, but our culture, as a collective is very weak. And we cannot continue to blame White people. This method clearly is not working.

        “But the threat doesn’t just stop there, it comes from people like a White woman who called the police on a Black man who was out bird watching ”

        Another reason why mass media is ruining our country and American culture. We see these interactions online and then we attempt to link them to what we believe is the truth. More than anything, that lady was stupid. She too was being controlled by media, not really racism. That is why she said, “I’m going to tell the cops that a Black man..blah blah” She herself has become a product of the times. And do not let the bird watching guy off of the hook either. If he was so scared, why are you trying to feed her dog treats? And this whole recording everything culture is pretty annoying.

        “but I’m tired of having a conversation, we’ve been having peaceful conversation for years trying to get White people to see us equals. ”

        Stop trying to get them to see us as equals. Who cares what they think. We need to focus on our own culture and we need to build a stronger foundation for the community. Once we can lower our own crime, and stop Black’s from embracing ghetto culture, other cultures will begin to naturally respect us. We cannot force them to, especially when there are too many ignorant Blacks out here, making folks like you and I seem like anomalies, when we really aren’t.

        “Yes, there are other ethic groups that face injustice but absolutely nothing on the scale of what African Americans faced and currently face.”

        Again, the stats do not prove this. My own experience does not prove this. Have you lived or driven through the hood/ghetto before?


      2. Apology accepted.

        Now, as you took time to dissect my post you left out where I stated “In my humble opinion, this is a problem that won’t be solved through marching and petitions though I totally respect and support people’s right to protest.” I stated I would’ve attended the protest that took place in Houston lead by George Floyd’s family to show up for support. His sister-in-law came to visit my church last Sunday and asked for prayer. It broke my heart as I watched her weeping at the altar. You can check out the broadcast here You’ll have to watch the service to the end to see the heart wrenching moment.

        Just because there is Black on Black crime and more shootings against each other is not a defense to Whites taking our lives. I don’t care what they think but I do want equal rights. My ancestors fought and lost their lives for my rights for equality and I believe we should pick up where they left off, not with protesting as you stated this is not the 60s . Although I do think it has brought awareness to the racial injustice in our nation but it will not eliminate all the underlying issues. I speak out about social injustice not simply because it is inhumane but also because I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and the Bible speaks against injustice.

        Did we see the same video of the woman and the man in the park? What does feeding the dog treats have to do with the fact that she called the police on him while over exaggerating the situation that a Black man was trying to cause harm to her and her dog? I do agree that the media does help in the perpetuation of systemic racism. I’m not sure what stats you’ve seen but, studies show that African Americans are discriminated against more than any other race. Have I ever lived or driven through the hood/ghetto before? I grew up there.


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