Why Are You So Quiet?

I can't hear you

This may sound like a post of an angry Black woman however I’m just standing up and speaking out for what’s right. Many White evangelicals adamantly protest and speak out on  issues of abortion however they are so quiet when it comes to the issue of racial injustice. I wrote on this topic just last month, “Two Perspectives on Murder.” The same God that created the newborn babies that you protest for is the same God that created our Black brothers and sisters who are gunned down unjustly by police and so-called neighborhood watchers. Do their lives not matter? Why is it just relegated to newborns? As a mother of a twenty-year-old son my heart aches for the mother of Ahamd Arbery who was murdered by two White men because he was jogging while Black.

Why does Black lives not matter to most White so-called Christians? Why would White Christians not stand with a movement that advocates racial justice when God is a God of justice? For the “Christian” this should be abundantly clear. We serve a God who sees value and worth of all humanity that’s why He sent His Son to give His life for it (John 3:16). These are dangerous times to be Black in America especially for a Black man. I’m not even shocked anymore but grieved. People of God before we pat ourselves on the back because we fed the hungry, we clothed the naked and visited those in the hospital and incarcerated we need to do some self-examination and ask ourselves this question: Do I care more about the lives of unborn fetuses and animals more than I do a particular group of people? As people debate over what happened in Georgia, we must call it what it is: RACISM! But you know what, I am angry! That’s the problem, some people don’t get angry about anything. If it doesn’t affect them personally or their community then they don’t care. That could have been my son, if you were African American like me that could’ve been your son, your brother, your uncle etc. This was wrong! What I want to know is where are all those who protest “pro-life?”  Why aren’t you shouting now. As much as you claim to be pro-life you really are pro-choice because you choose which lives are worth protesting about.

Published by: Kim Petitt

As a person living with a disability challenge is part of my life. I struggled with my identity and I recognize that I still have insecurities to face, but that doesn't mean I can't walk in everything God has purposed me to walk in despite my insecurities. Because of the nature of my condition and physical disability, God's grace is evident in my life everyday and I find strength in the word of God that says in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me power". (CJB).

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19 thoughts on “Why Are You So Quiet?”

  1. Reblogged this on The Beautiful Savage💖 and commented:
    God bless you Kim.
    We really do need to speak out because all life matters. We all need to be pro-life. I believe everyone has a purpose in the grand scheme of things so we need to value every single being.

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  2. Thank you for this post. I grew up in a white racist church in the countryside – middle of nowhere. I would hear people say slurs, and I would try and correct people, only to have insults thrown in my face. I think people ignore and belittle what they can’t directly relate to because it takes too much of their energy. If a man isn’t in their pulpit (who will naturally already align with their beliefs because he works there) brave enough to actually preach “RACISM IS WRONG” out of them, then their minds have little opportunity to grow and change. White Christian leadership is skewed because their experiences are. Most of them are older, and their youth is from the civil rights movement, and they think things are already better. This is my perspective as a preacher’s daughter from the south. Just my 2 cents. This should not be happening.

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    1. The pastor at the church I attend was raised in Texas. He was actually just telling us the story of how his father was a racist. I was glad to hear him actually admit it. He said it was difficult for him growing up because his best friend was a black boy. He said his daughter in law is Hispanic and his father didn’t like that either. I believe his father is deceased now. I don’t doubt it can be hard to change when people are raised to think they are superior, but for those who call themselves Christians, they must change with God’s help. Thanks for sharing this perspective.

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  3. I agree Kim, it is purely racism. I too am concerned about the young African American men in my family and this country as a whole. Plus I have 3 nephews. I just continue to pray for their safety and justice in our system. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Unfortunately, it is the world we live in, like you said we have to stay prayerful. There are Whites who say, “I’m not a racist” but this kind of injustice doesn’t bother them either. Something is seriously wrong when they call themselves a “Christian” but don’t speak out on racial injustices but will be quick to speak out that abortion is wrong.

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  4. You’re right that this is racism. As for the pro-life issue, I have been saying to people for a long time that the “pro-life” movement only cares about the unborn, not people vulnerable with COVID, not unarmed black people, not other things.

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  5. Great post that asks a lot of relevant questions! Unfortunately, a lot of “Christians” have a convenience based faith and that is wrong! Thanks for posting!


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